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The Leeming DNA Project is a Surname DNA Project via FTDNA set up to help all known variants of the name Lemyng to discover their ancestral origins and to hopefully locate new Genetic Cousins and families along the way.

My father tested his YDNA for our Leeming Family and is shown in the Leeming Surname DNA Project - public results as being from Ripon. We have genetic DNA matches with other Leeming Branches proven by traditional research methods to be descendants of William Leeming born circa 1734 in Eavestone. There is also a match with a Leeming family originating just a few miles away in Pateley Bridge. We have yet to verify the connection between these two families with a paper trail.

Our test shows we may be of VIKING Ancestry and we belong to the I1 Haplogroup.

Haplogroup I1 (formerly I1a) is the most common I subclade. It is found mostly in Scandinavia and Northern Germany, where it can represent over 35% of the population. Associated with the Norse ethnicity, it is found in all places invaded by the ancient Germanic tribes and the Vikings.

During the Neolithic period, pre-I1 and I1 people were part of the successive Ertebølle culture (5300-3950 BCE) and Funnelbeaker culture (4000-2700 BCE). The Corded Ware period (3200-1800 BCE) marks the arrival of the Indo-European R1a people from the Ukrainian steppes.

I1 is identified by at least 15 unique mutations, which indicates that this lineage has been isolated for a long period of time, or experienced a serious population bottleneck. Although the first mutation splitting I1 away from I2 may have arisen as long as 20,000 years ago, people belonging to this haplogroup all descend from a single man who lived less than 5,000 years ago. This corresponds to the arrival of the Indo-European, suggesting that a high percentage of the indigenous I1 men could possibly have been killed by the new immigrants. see Eupedia I1

We have a DNA test on a separate Leeming family in Pateley Bridge. These results do not match my family at all and seem to indicate this may be an unrelated distinct family group. This second Pateley Bridge test is from the R1b Haplogroup and research conducted by Nigel Brooks the Co-Administrator for the Leeming DNA Project suggest this Leeming Family will be L21+ R1b1a2a1a1b4*

R1b is the most common haplogroup in Western Europe, reaching over 80% of the population in Ireland, the Scottish Highlands, western Wales, the Atlantic fringe of France and the Basque country. see Eupedia R1b

Research is being conducted all the time by various researchers and we are looking for more LEEMING Branches from the Ripon and surrounding areas of Yorkshire to test their DNA to see if we can locate more branches and help solve the mysteries that have so long eluded us.


The DNA Project so far has found that there are 2 main Leeming Families in the UK - The Ripon Leemings in Yorkshire & the Waddington Leemings in Lancashire.

Before the DNA Study, it was thought we may have all been related but the DNA study clearly shows there are two main distinct family groups. DNA testing has helped focus my (and others) research in the most effective areas and has helped us gain a better understanding of our family roots. DNA has proved to be very beneficial to us all regarding how we research our families.

For new Family Historians looking at their families today for the first time they have an ideal opportunity to test their DNA first before doing a lot of expensive traditional research - a simple YDNA test could let them know straight away if they match any of the larger groups already tested. This will then enable them to target their traditional family history research in the right area of the country – thus saving time, money and disappointment.

The Waddington, Lancashire Group are from the R1a1a Haplogroup.

R1a is thought to have been the dominant haplogroup among the northern and eastern Indo-European speakers who evolved into the Indo-Iranian, Mycenaean Greek, Macedonian, Thracian, Baltic and Slavic branches. The Proto-Indo-Europeans originated in the Yamna culture (3300-2500 BCE), in the Pontic-Caspian steppe between modern Ukraine and south-west Russia. see Eupedia R1a

So far there are 9 Different LEEMING Branches originating in the UK all mainly from Yorkshire.

There are also other derivatives of the name in the study including, LEAMING, Leaman, Leamon, Lenning, Lemons, Lehmon, Leming & Lehman. There are also other surname DNA Projects associated with some of these derivatives also.

I would encourage all Male Leeming's & Leaming's from the UK to join the DNA Project and help everyone gain a new and exciting understanding as to the movement of the LEEMING families throughout the world and help us find our lost Genetic Cousins.

Test your DNA Today

DateJun 2011

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